Brindie is a self publishing resource collection composed of asset size templates for various store fronts and services, as well as guides to self publish, sell, market and overall improve your game.

Brindie is developed by Valiant Game Studio AB, a tiny independent developer and publisher based in Stockholm, Sweden. We make meaningful games that promote the underrepresented, instil hope and favour the journey.

Check out our Asset Templates here or on GitHub. You can also browse our guides. If you can’t find what you need, contact us – we might just prepare the guide you need!

We develop Brindie with the hope that it will become a complete resource for you to self publish your game all by yourself. But if you need more help, we can create your store and online presence based on your existing game materials, as a publisher would, at a fixed cost. We also offer on demand help, based on our availability. You can check our additional services here.