Indie games publishing at fixed, transparent prices. Plus a wealth of free asset templates, guides and resources!

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Brindie is a service by Valiant Game Studio AB

We enjoy games that let us relax and that are focused on meaningful, thought provoking stories. We currently develop Pendula Swing, an episodic adventure game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 1920s. 

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We have a combined gamedev experience of over 25 years, with hands on publishing & marketing for over 20 games of various scope.  We welcome diversity in games and this is why we make Brindie.

Laura Bularca

Marketing & BizDev (aka Professional Dragon)

Laura has been in the video games industry since 2000, as a games journalist turned producer. Laura worked for FunLABS/ Activision, Milestone, SimBin, Sweden Game Arena and has collaborated with a lot of Swedish indiedevs. She created Brindie. She makes her own games in her spare time. 

Anna Jenelius

CEO & Creative Director (aka Games Magician)

Anna has been in the video games industry since 2011, as narrative designer and QA manager. Anna worked for Paradox, Future Games and Lionbite. Anna is the creative brain behind Valiant games, while also doing the entire coding. Anna also makes her own games in her spare time. 

Why Brindie?

     Hi! My name is Laura, I am the co-founder of Valiant Game Studio AB. I have been in the video games industry since 2000. Throughout my career, I have been directly involved in publishing games on Steam and other desktop store fronts, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android and more.

     While publishing our episodic adventure game, Pendula Swing, I was acutely aware of the massive time sink it takes to prepare a game’s release. And I had an idea: I created a list of all assets one needs to create for store fronts and online services. I included sizes and specifications for all these assets. I also made templates in Illustrator for all of them, to simplify my work. Then I realised this might be helpful to other indiedevs so I made all my sizes and templates available on GitHub. This is how BRINDIE FREE was born.

     As an independent game developer with limited time for tasks such as publishing marketing and PR, it is very difficult and costly to get help. You can try to find a publisher, but they reject a lot of games and they also take a very high revshare. Or you can hire a marketing & PR company, but they are quite expensive and their work – such as writing and distributing press releases, contacting press and showcasing your game at various trade shows – does not directly correlate in sales. I really wanted clear and transparent services for upfront, affordable prices, so I developed the paid BRINDIE packs. If you don’t have the time or desire to publish your game and don’t want to work with a publisher in exchange for revshare, you can purchase a BRINDIE pack and I’ll do it for you, under NDA, and for a price that you can easily correlate with the amount of time it would take you to do this job.

     I really hope BRINDIE will be useful! My plans are to continue offering free templates and resources for the indiedev community, to create more transparent and clear branding, marketing & PR services and to give it all I’ve got to help my clients maximize the chances of success for their indie games.