Brindie is a collection of free asset sizes and templates in Illustrator for a variety of store fronts, services and platforms to self publish your game. The collection includes templates for Steam, Kickstarter,, Facebook, reddit, Twitter and much more. All of it is available on GitHub and it’s constantly updated.

Each template is an Illustrator file designed to easily prepare and crop your assets. Each file has artboards and boxes for each asset you may need to create for the selected service. For example, the PRINT template has 3 artboards, named accordingly (so it helps you quickly find your assets when you export, too!):

      –> an A3 artboard of 3508 x 49060 px
      –> an A4 arboard of 2480 x 3508 px
      –> an A5 artboard of 1748 x 2480 px

Each artboard also features a semi transparent rectangle of exact dimension that you can use to quickly crop your images.

BRINDIE FREE - BRINDIE - affordable branding for indies

Check out all Brindie Asset Templates on GitHub HERE.

Available Templates

Assets for your Steam presence, including your store front, community hub, developer page, bundle page, and community updates. There is also a Steam bare minimum template which includes all mandatory assets you have to create in order to be able to publish your game on Steam.

Assets for your Kickstarter campaign. It includes the mandatory project image, which is the only asset you must have. But it also includes guidelines for your main campaign and updates.

Assets for your store page. is a very versatile service that you can customize as you wish, thanks to a very powerful and flexible theme editor. The only required asset is your cover image, but the theme editor allows a multitude of graphical assets and this template includes sizes inspired by some of the best store fronts. Please keep in mind these sizes are merely suggestions.

Assets for your Facebook page, including your cover image, profile picture, as well as ideal sizes for your posts and thumbnails.

Assets for your Twitter account, including your cover image and profile picture, but also templates for when you share an image for various aspect ratios.

Assets for your YouTube account, including your channel icon, art and safe area for text and logos, to guide you into arranging your assets in the best way.

Assets for your Google Play store, including your high resolution icon, feature and promo graphic, screenshot sizes, TV banner and Daydream 360 stereoscopic image.

More templates for: Twitch, Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, PressKit(), Google AdWords, Nvidia Developer, Amazon, print and press release.

Are there any templates you need but did not find here? Please let us know and we will add them!