Indie games publishing at fixed, transparent prices. Plus a wealth of free asset templates, guides and resources!

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BRINDIE PLUS is an a la carte publishing service list for indiegames

Pick and choose the publishing services you need. We develop the assets descriptions & optimisations for the services you choose, based on your game, team, wishes and materials.
Specifically, we make your Steam Store Page, page, Kickstarter campaign, marketing plan, press releases & more, based on your wishes, game and existing assets. 

Store Fronts

We can create your store fronts – currently offering Steam,, App Store, Google Play and Amazon, with more store fronts soon to come!

Steam Store Page & Presence

We create your Steam Store Front, including store descriptions, capsules, banners and promo assets, search optimisations and all the Steamwork settings that grant you the best presence on Steam

€1500 Store Page

We create your Store Front, including store descriptions, cover images, banners, backgrounds and theme, search optimisations and all the settings that grant you the best presence on itch

Google Play Store Page & Experiments

We create your Google Play presence, including icons, feature graphics, promo materials, needed copywriting, and all the settings granting you the best presence on Google Play

Amazon Appstore for Android

We create your Amazon presence, including icons, feature graphics, promo materials, needed copywriting, and all the settings granting you the best presence on Amazon 


Web Presence

We create your landing page, press kit and online presence! Currently offering WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and Discord official channels, with more to come!


We prepare an SEO optimised landing page for your game and/ or studio, including optimised assets and the copywriting that describes your game and/ or studio


We prepare an SEO optimised presskit for your game and/ or studio, featuring all information and assets needed by press and influencers, presented in an optimised way


We create your Twitter presence, including your profile banner, avatar, optimised description and information


We create your Reddit presence, including your subreddit graphics, branding, descriptions, topics, rules and community guidelines  


We create your Instagram presence, including your profile photo and bio


We create your Facebook business page, presence, including your profile photo, cover, About section & an optimised story


We create your Discord channel, including your server icon, roles, and appropriate channels for your game and team


We create your Pinterest presence, including your photo and profile


Crowdfunding Campaigns

We can create your crowdfunding campaigns – currently offering Kickstarter, Patreon and IndieGoGo, with more crowdfunding services soon to come!


We create your Kickstarter profile and campaign, including all needed copywriting as well as banners. 


We create your Patreon page, including your profile picture and cover image, as well as all needed copywriting


We create your IndieGoGo campaign, including all needed graphics and banners, as well as copywriting for your page, perks, team, funding and extras



We can prepare your Press Releases, dev blogs, community updates, crowdfunding updates and more!

Press releases

We prepare & write your press release(s), including distribution on industry sites, including graphics where needed

€250 per item
Development Blogs

We write your SEO optimised dev blogs, which can be reused to generate other copywrit material (such as community updates or press releases)

€250 per item
Community Updates

We create your community updates for your store fronts and communities, including banners where needed

€250 per item
Crowdfunding Updates

We write your crowdfunding community updates, including banners where needed

€250 per item

More Services

We can plan your events, create your PR, marketing & advertising campaigns, design your brand, handle your community and more!

Event Management

We prepare your event presence based on your needs. This includes pitches, needed materials, on site assistance and more

Starting at €1000
Project Management & Planning

We can help you create and prioritize your backlog, organise your SCRUM practices, setup and follow your deadlines and get the best out of your gamedev plan.

Starting at €1000

We create your logos, typography and color scheme for your online presence

Starting at €500
PR & Marketing Plan

We create your personalised PR and marketing plan, integrated with the design and development of your game

Starting at €1000

Our base prices are in SEK and do not include VAT – this means that VAT tax might apply on top of your up front price. We try our best to convert and approximate our prices from SEK to EURO, but some variation might occur.

Need someone on call?
Check out Brindie On Demand

Sometimes you need a producer or a marketing person on demand. We can assist you with your PR, marketing, production and project management on a per hour basis.


Use the order form below for a quick order, or tell us what you need via mail at hello [at] Alternatively you can get in touch via social media listed below!

If the service is not on the list, ask anyhow - we might just develop it now!
Please add any links and materials you have! We gladly accept links to Dropbox or Google Drive.
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BRINDIE is a service provided by Valiant Game Studio AB