Inside Steamworks – Steam Description

Inside Steamworks – Steam Description is the second part of a series of BRINDIE guides to help indiedevs setup and optimise their Steam store presence

As we mentioned before, the Steam store page editor is quite complex. This is why we run Inside Steamworks, a collection of detailed BRINDIE guides where we analyse each section and tab in your Steamworks account. For this guide, we will take a closer look at the Steam Store Page Description section.

Steam Description – mandatory About and Short descriptions

Once you added the Basic information for your indie game’s Steam store front – detailed here– you must add two mandatory descriptions. The first is a long one without character limit, displayed in the About This Game section. The second is a short 300 characters description, displayed on top of the store page, right under your game’s header.

The short description is perhaps the most important piece of text you will write for your game, since it will appear across all the Steam store where your game could be listed.

The long description in About This Game section has no charter limit, but few people take the time to read it all.

Tip! The recommended text length in the About This Game section should not exceed 3500 characters. With an intro banner plus another one to separate a section, your players will see about 1000 characters before being prompted to Read More.

Steam Description – optional elements

Besides the mandatory descriptions, you can also add Reviews, Awards, and Special Announcements. The Reviews and Special Announcements appear above the About This Game section – so use them wisely! The Awards appear in the right sidebar of your store front, right under the Embed and Share buttons.

Tip! You are not allowed to post any links external to Steam in the short and long description. You can, however, promote links using the Special Announcement feature. So if you have an external community forum, a newsletter or an official Discord server, you can promote them here.


The long description and the Special Announcement section allow the use of banners. These are the elusive banners available in our Brindie Free Steam Store Page template (direct link to download). They can vary in height, but you should always keep a width of 616x or thereabout for a nice store front layout.

Banners – as pretty much any graphical content – are very important. Ideally you should head every paragraph in your long description with a nice looking banner. You can use static images, but Valve recently updated Steamworks so that now it also allows native .gif support.


Each section in Steam Store Page Description allows for localisation in 29 languages. This includes Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Thai and Finnish. You can translate your store front even if your game is not localised just yet.

Tip! A good way to gauge the regional interest for your game is to localise your store front in as many languages as possible, and then to track your traffic. Localising your Steam store front page costs about €50/language with a professional company.

The Inside Steamworks BRINDIE guides are published with Valve’s approval. You can also check out the official Steamworks documentation.

The Inside Steamworks BRINDIE guides will detail all the sections and tabs that you can fill in and optimise in Steamworks. Want to be the first to know? Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list here!