Inside Steamworks – Steam Ratings

Inside Steamworks – Steam Ratings is the third part of a series of BRINDIE guides to help indiedevs setup and optimise their Steam store presence

Are you planning to self publish your indiegame on Steam? Inside Steamworks is a collection of detailed BRINDIE guides where we analyse each section and tab in your Steamworks account. For this guide, we will take a closer look at the Steam Store Page Ratings section.

Brindie Inside Steamworks - Steam Ratings

While not mandatory, you can also add ratings to your game, if your game has been rated by a particular rating agency. This is a process that takes a lot of time and can be very costly – but sometimes can be mandatory if, for example, you wish to showcase your game in the public area at GamesCom, USK is required. You can add rating logos, descriptors and age-gate restrictions for the following agencies:

  • ESRB North America
  • PEGI Europe
  • BBFC United Kingdom
  • USK Germany
  • OFLC AU Australia
  • OFLC NZ New Zealand
  • CERO Japan
  • KGRB Game Rating Board Korea
  • DEJUS Department of Justice, Rating, Titles and Qualification Brazil
  • Media Development Authority Singapore
  • Film and Publication Board South Africa
  • Computer Software Rating Regulation Taiwan
  • Content Rating Law Russia

Ratings are displayed on your Steam store front, in the right side column right under Language support.

Important! You can only add ratings if your game has indeed be rated by one of the listed rating agencies. Valve checks this up and will take action against your listing if you add unofficial ratings.

The Inside Steamworks BRINDIE guides are published with Valve’s approval. You can also check out the official Steamworks documentation.

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