Steam Store Page editor – a comprehensive summary

Steamworks – Edit Store Page is a rich storefront editor with a lot of options to publish your game. Here is a quick glance at the 7 tabs available to setup your Steam Store Page

When you start building your Steam store front, the first thing you do is to access your store page editor from the Store Presence section in Steamworks.

BRINDIE guide - Steam store page editor

The Edit Store Page grants you access to prepare your Steam store page editor. This rich store editor is composed of 8 tabs, and the last tab allows you to Publish your work. This is the same editor you can use to update your store front after you published it.

BRINDIE guide - Steam store page editor

The 7 tabs that you can customize are:

Basic Info

This is a tab that’s fairly rich in details, but as we described here, it only has 3 mandatory fields. Several other fields have default values. Make sure those values in the Steam store page editor are correct for you.

[Updated] Check out the Inside Steamworks – Steam Basic Info guide


This is where you are asked to add descriptions, announcements and accolades for your game. Long and short descriptions are mandatory in the
Steam store page editor. You can also add localized versions for all of your text content.


This is a tab where you can add your game ratings if you have any. Keep in mind that Valve double checks this information. There are 13 rating systems available that you can add in the Steam store page editor.

Early Access

If your game is in Early Access, this tab allows you to explain why. It is a questionnaire that requires you to explain why you chose to launch in Early Access. You also need to explain how long do you intend to keep your game in early access. Furthermore, you must detail what are the features you are planning to add during this process. Community involvement and pricing strategies must also be explained.

Graphical Assets

In this tab, you have to add several mandatory graphical assets, such as the header capsule, the capsules that are used to display your game in various parts of the Steam store page or a minimum of 5 screenshots. There are also a few optional assets you can add in the Steam store page editor, such as a page background or broadcast banners. You can find a complete set of templates for all the assets you need to create in BRINDIE FREE.


You will have to add at least one trailer in the Steam store page editor. This trailer must demonstrate gameplay. You may add as many trailers as you wish. Some customisation for the order of display of your trailers and a few advanced settings are available.

Special Settings

You can add downloadable content and demos for your game in Special Settings. You can also customise Steam Broadcast here and whitelist up to 100 streamers whose streams will be visible on your Steam Store Page.


You can publish your store front as soon as you wish. It will not be visible unless you have checked to show your game as “Coming Soon” in the STore Page editor – Basic Info. The Publish tab allows you to View Differences in between edits and Revert Changes.

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