Steam Store Page Quick Guide

A comprehensive cheat sheet for the mandatory items you need to prepare for your Steam Store Page

To start publishing your game on Steam, you need to register as a developer and pay the Steam Direct app deposit fee of $100. Once done, you are able to upload your build and prepare your Steam Store Page.

The Steam Store Page editor is complex. We will add guides that explain it’s features in detail. For this guide, the focus is providing a quick list of the mandatory items you’ll need to prepare for a premium game release.

Use this list and our BRINDIE FREE Steam Store Page templates to DYI, or book us to create your optimised store page by ordering a BRINDIE PREMIUM pack.

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BRINDIE quite for Steam Store Page mandatory items

Steam Store Page optimisation

Please note that there are many other items you can create to improve your store page. The Steamworks system does not mark them as mandatory, however we recommend that you prepare them anyhow. Some of the non mandatory but essential items are:

  • adding Developer, Publisher and Franchise connections
  • researching and adding Search Keywords
  • customizing your Steam Store Page background
  • adding more trailers, ideally at least one gameplay and one cinematic trailer

Keep in mind that Steamworks requires more than just setting up your store page before allowing you to release your game

Stay tuned for in-depth BRINDIE guides on optimising your Steam Store Page!

All non mandatory but much needed items are included in all BRINDIE PREMIUM packs.